FeedNews is an informative monthly newsletter to help you get inspired in your food life. Most of us don't have time to squirrel out the latest health and nutrition information and recipes, but Lindsay lives for that stuff. Let her inspire you with a bite-size serving of delicious, feel-good recipes, thoughtful lifestyle recommendations and relevant nutrition information. Because living a healthy life should be beautiful, delicious and fun. And it shouldn't clog your inbox.

“I wanted to let you know that my husband and I both really enjoy FeedNews! I have found that a lot of "health conscious" websites/newsletters/blogs feel inaccessible or accusatory where I find yours to be inclusive, informative and totally inspiring!”

-Rachel, Actress

January, 2010 – Do It Now.
Article: A Year From Now, You May Wish You Had Started Today. Food Focus: Whole Grains Recipes: My Favorite Cool Weather Quinoa, Pretty Perfect Oatmeal

May, 2009 – Eat More Green Stuff
Article: (Spring) Clean up your Act, Food Focus: Sprouts! Recipes: Spring Farro Pasta, Super Green Matcha Shake, Cleansing Sprout Salad

February, 2009 – Sweetness
Article: Crush on yourself, Food Focus: Natural Sweeteners Recipe: Good for You Cookies

January, 2009 – Make it Stick
Article: Making it stick, Food Focus: Beans Recipe: No-Soak White Bean Stew (with slow roasted tomatoes and balsamic syrup)

December, 2008 – Do Less
Article: Do Less, Be More, Food Focus: Red, Green & Super, Recipe: Holiday Whole Grains

October, 2008 – Welcome!
Article: Find Your Center, Food Focus: Get Rooted, Recipe: Roasted Roots with Cumin, Ginger, Honey & Basil