Our individual program provides the greatest level of support for you and your personal health goals. Through one on one nutrition counseling sessions, you’ll receive guidance, support and knowledge on how to feel truly nourished by your food choices, and achieve and maintain long-term lifestyle changes.

The goals of your personalized health counseling program are to effectively improve your life, resolve health concerns, and provide you with tools for a lifetime of balance. We will work together to find the right foods for your body, and to balance the elements of your life that feed you on the deepest levels. This unique approach provides meaningful, lasting results.

We work with clients all over the country providing individual telephone support, healthy care packages, guidance, encouragement and nutrition education they need to live vibrant, healthy, happy lives. Our programs are highly personalized, and include all the information, tools and hands-on support you need to make the changes you desire.

Your Program includes...
• A comprehensive health history and assessment
• Six 50-minute nutrition counseling sessions, including detailed recommendations & supported goal setting
• Unlimited E-mail support between sessions
• Customized recipes, nutrition and wellness information at every session
• Flexibility – phone or video sessions keep you on track on the road, at home, where ever!

Free Health Consultation
To learn more please call (415) 963-3566 or e-mail to schedule an initial health consultation. This is a great way for you to learn more about nutrition counseling, and for us to start to build a program that is specifically focused on your health concerns and goals.

* We've found through trial and error that 3 months is a great amount of time for *most* people to be well on their way to making changes they seek. Some people have loftier goals or just love the support and choose to work with us for longer. We rarely recommend fewer than 6 sessions because this is not "quick-fix" work; however, we're happy to work with you to find a program that feels right for YOU.