“I truly appreciate the holistic approach by which Lindsay tackled my life imbalances. I am now 20lbs lighter, 100% fitter and much happier. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs or wonders whether they need a nutritional or emotional tune-up.” (Read More...)

-Dominic, Lawyer, San Franscico

“Lindsay creates a supportive and safe environment to really dig into the depth of your life and make the positive and healthy changes your body truly desires. She is thoughtful and intuitive and designs your session for what you need in the moment. I often left her office refreshed and pleasantly surprised that we covered so much territory. The program provides more than just nutrition. FEED educated me on how to eat well and how to listen and understand the cravings of my body...” (Read More...)

-Amanda, Product Manager, San Franscico

“Lindsay is a nutritional muse. While, I started working with her in preparation for my wedding, I went in with the intention of wanting more than a quick fix. I wanted a different relationship with food and my body than I have had in the past. She not only worked with me on the emotional aspects of food and eating, she introduced me to a healthier way of cooking that I have genuinely enjoyed and have been able to incorporate into my life over the long term. I am so grateful for all the work that she did with me. I know that I can always look to her when I get off track or just need a little inspiration to keep me moving in the right direction."

-Julie, Artist, San Francisco

“Thanks to Lindsay Keach's awesome guidance, my eating habits have completely turned around...I should point out, while we've seriously changed my approach to food, Lindsay hasn't encouraged me to rule out anything "fun" - I just know how to make better choices at any given moment...Working with Lindsay is one the best things I've done for myself. Definitely worth the investment!" (Read More...)

-Jill, San Francisco

“Lindsay, you have been absolutely fabulous to work with and I would recommend you to anyone! Thank you for all the awareness you have brought to my health, in more ways than just diet..."

-Tracy, Teacher, San Francisco

“I love food. But sometimes food and I don't always get along. The relationship can get sort of dysfunctional in fact - when I feel stressed out or unhealthy I sometimes want to lash out, you know, and grab for something less than nourishing. That's where Lindsay comes in. I call her my food therapist. She worked with me to help me to find recipes that work for my schedule, encouraged me to experiment with new foods (who knew that I would adore kasha?), and, best of all, she helped me identify and overcome the stress triggers that perpetuate the bad-eating cycle. When I first came to see her I was sick all the time, but now I feel great. Food + me = true love 4eva.”

-Carrie, Director of Operations and Marketing, San Francisco

“I've been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate the dietary help you gave me this summer. I feel better than as long as I can remember. The small adjustments you recommended have really made a difference. I've now been back in Nepal for two months and haven't gotten sick –I don't think that's ever happened before!”

-Zack, Nepal

“I feel great – my energy levels have never been better! This process is exactly what I needed to get my life and my health back on track.”

-Stephanie, Yoga Instructor, Florida

“I wanted to say, "thanks...a ton!" for being you. You are a true healer, an amazing, calming presence, and a beautiful person. I really appreciate your time and counseling.”

-Biki, Creative Recruiter, San Franscico

“My new eating habits REALLY helped during this last week. I got so little exercise because of my travels that it was maddening, but my new eating habits actually are "feeding" on themselves - I really don't want to eat a lot or a lot of junk or sweet drinks. It's going really well. Hurrah!”

-Lisa, Finance Director, San Franscico

“Lindsay is the BEST of the BEST!!! I'm a personal trainer in San Francisco and I've had several of my clients work with Lindsay and the results they were able to achieve even impressed me. Not only is she highly credentialed, her approach and overall scope of food knowledge really distinguishes Lindsay from other nutritionists. Lindsay's programs are not your typical "calorie counting or fat counting" plans. Instead, she works with you to build a new relationship with food that is relevant to your daily life and functional to the way you live. For example, I really like that she takes her clients to the grocery store. Shopping for food and dining at restaurants are the big forks in the road for most of us when it comes to eating right. Lindsay is an incomparable guide through these mazes of information. In addition, she teaches her clients how to prepare the food from the store in her cooking demonstrations, as well as to create incredibly delicious snacks. You will be amazed at what you learn and how your relationship with food changes after meeting with Lindsay.”

-Stirling, Personal Trainer, San Franscico

“Thank you, Lindsay: you're the best! The cleanse packet you made me is AWESOME and so used and abused the corners have grown dog-eared. In general I also feel much friendlier and compassionate and patient. I'm really into this and looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead.”

-Toma, Commercial Real Estate, San Franscico

"Feed Health is a great way to learn, monitor yourself, and have fun and constant encouragement while doing it. I heartily recommend Lindsay's work - as well as her recipes. It's worth every cent, even from afar - all of my experience has been long distance. I can only imagine that in person it is even better."

-Jingle, Indiana