"Thanks to Lindsay Keach's awesome guidance, my eating habits have completely turned around.

I had an unfortunate streak of superfluous illnesses last winter and was getting really frustrated. No amount of sleep, exercise, or echinacea was protecting me from the latest thing going around. Then I realized the one thing I was really missing was a foundation of healthy eating habits. This busy career girl was subsisting on takeout, airport food and sauvignon blanc for far too long. It was time for professional intervention.

Lindsay does a very thorough intake of your likes, dislikes, habits, and attitudes about self-care to find places where you can improve and expand. She's thoughtful, attentive, and truly interested in educating you to live a healthier life. Through a personalized program, you learn that healthy eating is more than just getting your vitamins - it's about buying whole foods, learning to cook easy dinners for yourself, and knowing exactly why you should care about things like non-GMO foods and free-range chicken eggs.

She's even led me through Rainbow Grocery, where I can now navigate the formerly intimidating bulk section with ease, willingly buying things like millet and dulce. My Southern mother says she has no idea what I'm eating these days, but as long as I'm getting my vitamins, it's cool.

I should point out, while we've seriously changed my approach to food, Lindsay hasn't encouraged me to rule out anything "fun" - I just know how to make better choices at any given moment. Sometimes a bloody mary feels like a fabulous idea, and that's okay.

Working with Lindsay is one the best things I've done for myself. Definitely worth the investment!"

-Jill, San Franscico

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