I mean a couple of things. First of all, I mean eating and talking about whole foods, rather than counting calories and dissecting food into its component nutrient parts. I mean focusing on things you can pronounce. Things that don’t have nutrition labels.

Second, I mean that true nourishment includes everything you bring to the table – body, mind, heart and soul. We start with food, but we don't stop there. In order to really thrive, we have to pay attention to the things that nourish us both on and off the plate.

An integrative approach means that we’ll work together to find the right foods for your body, and to balance the areas of your life that feed you on the deepest levels.

Your life will be different if you're eating well, and making the connection between what you put in your mouth, and its impact on your mood, mind, body, and energy.

• Know what to eat! Learn how to eat and live in a way that really works for your unique body and lifestyle – from the inside out. Learn to listen to your body's messages so that you can be flexible with food for the rest of your life.

• Feel more energetic and more satisfied with your food, your body and your life. When you look and feel great, everything and everyone in your life will benefit.

• Gain confidence and inspiration in the kitchen and the grocery store. You'll be amazed how quick and easy it can be to shop for and prepare healthy DELICIOUS meals for yourself.

• Understand your cravings and build an honest, loving relationship with food and your body.

• Clear up health concerns. Sometimes simple changes can make all the difference when it comes to working through imbalances and feeding yourself in a way that allows your body to heal.


If four or more of the below statements sounds like something you would say, you’re probably an ideal FEED client!

1. I am driven, creative, conscious and curious.

2. I love food, but not always the way it makes me feel later. I want to improve my eating habits without feeling restricted or giving up the things I love.

3. I am adventurous and interested in trying new things.

4. I would like to cook more, but honestly, who has the time? (And besides, I’m still reeling from the science experiment I cleaned out of the fridge last week.)

5. Balance is a big word for me. I want it. Well, okay, I want it all.

6. I’d love to slow down, tune in, and be gentler with myself without worrying that I’ll “drop the ball” or compromise my high standards

7. I’m clear that investing in my health is time and money well spent. I know I only get one body, and I have to wear it every day.

8. I’m frustrated about the state of health care in this country (and in my life!), and often find myself thinking: “there must be a better way.”

9. I’m ready to make myself a priority – this is my life, after all.

10. I’m used to getting things done on my own, but I’m starting to realize how powerful it can be to get support.

11. I am ready to unlock my body’s potential, balance my emotions, clear up my health concerns and get excited about food that tastes great AND makes me feel fantastic.

If you’re looking for a restrictive diet or meal plan, want to carry a calculator with you to tabulate fat grams, calories or points, or are looking for a crash diet or a quick fix, this program is probably not right for you. The people who have the most success in my program, and who see the biggest results, are those who are ready to make their health a priority and who are looking for a fresh perspective and support in making the changes they desire.

That’s a good question. And maybe you don’t need a nutrition counselor. Click here to see who I usually work with. I’ve always thought I was a pretty healthy eater too (my nutritionist didn’t need to tell me about quinoa), but what’s “healthy” for one person may not work for someone else. What works for you today may not work for you in a year – we’ll work together to help you learn what healthy living means for you and give you the tools to revisit and refine your approach throughout your life.

Also, though you may already know what makes you feel great and what doesn’t – it’s actually DOING it consistently that often poses the biggest challenge. With a solid background in both science and coaching, I'm here to help you put your knowledge into practice.

Enthusiasm - I love what I do, and am REALLY excited about making and sharing healthy, delicious food and strategies for balanced living.

Personal experience - I've pretty much tried it all. Gluten-free, meat-free, vegan, raw, macrobiotic, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, traditional nutrition, functional medicine, alkaline diet, Wheatgrass, Vegetarian, Pescaterian, natural foods, cleansing, Mediterranean diet, Psychotherapy, massage, yoga, meditation, Naturopathy, health counseling, Ayurveda, Intuitive healing, you NAME it, I’ve been there. I am committed to healing myself, walking my walk, and living my life with intention, and would love nothing more than to help you do the same.

Education - I have a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition, and have experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings with a huge range of health concerns. My background in coaching and counseling allows me to share this information in ways that inspire excitement for sustained change rather than overwhelm.

Honestly, making meaningful change takes time. I know my clients are smart and motivated, and that given the time and desire, they could find out much of what they need to know to improve their health by reading or on the internet. It’s usually not the information that’s the issue – it’s the consistent implementation of these new healthy habits over time. Working together during FEED’s three-month individual program gives your new habits time to gradually crowd out your less healthful ones. It’s making a commitment to yourself and to your health, and getting the support you need to follow through – for the long term, not just this week when it’s all new and exciting.

Six sessions seem like more support than you need? We've found through trial and error that 3 months is really the perfect amount of time for *most* people to make the changes they seek; however, we're happy to work with you to find a program that feels right for YOU.

Pretty sure you just need one "power-session" to get some advice or a second opinion and get the ball rolling on your health? We're happy to accommodate.

You're a Registered Dietitian – does this mean that you can bill my insurance for our appointments?
Your appointments may indeed be covered by your insurance plan. It would be a second full-time job for me to dig into the details of each clients' coverage and to register with myriad insurance companies, particularly since I have clients all over the country! I am happy to provide you with a superbill receipt after each appointment which you can submit for reimbursement. Many people also find that our appointments can be reimbursed using that same receipt with pre-tax funds from a flexible spending or health savings account. I recommend calling your insurance company and/or benefits provider to get clear on the process and on what is covered for you. Some plans cover nutrition appointments only for certain health concerns, others require a referral from your doctor, etc.

The first step is to schedule an initial consultation! This free, 15-minute phone call is a great way for you to get a feel for how I work with clients, and to see if we are a good match. There is no obligation, so I welcome you to consider having this conversation. It could very well be a turning point in your life. Are you in? To schedule your session click here.