"Feed rocks! The program completely shifted the way I think about food and healthy eating. Now, with sustained energy and clarity, I really feel amazing, enjoy cooking and sharing healthy treats with others. My friends appreciate it too!

Before beginning Feed, healthy eating was pretty monotonous. Seeking out healthy recipes was not something I found appealing or had time to do so I found myself making the same things over and over, which really weren’t that healthy. I drank excessive amounts of coffee and never turned down a baked good. When I was tired, I’d have another cup of coffee or a sugar infested treat. I have a much better understanding of my body and what it really likes and needs, versus what my brain thought it liked and needed.

The three most significant improvements in my health are that I eat less, love to cook healthy recipes and get excited about the meals that I create with Lindsay’s wonderful recipes. My energy level is high and my moods are much less controlled by sugar highs and lows. I have never felt better. I am now clear, have more energy and look forward to eating well.

Lindsay supported me during a 7 -day whole grain and veggie cleanse. Through this process I was able to give up my caffeine addiction completely, and significantly reduce my overall sugar intake by eliminating it from my diet. I still have a little sugar occasionally, but prefer using natural sweetener alternatives. After five months, I’m still caffeine free.

Lindsay creates a supportive and safe environment to really dig into the depth of your life and make the positive and healthy changes your body truly desires. She is thoughtful and intuitive and designs your session for what you need in the moment. I often left her office refreshed and pleasantly surprised that we covered so much territory. The program provides more than just nutrition. FEED educated me on how to eat well and how to listen and understand the cravings of my body."

-Amanda Holdan, Product Manager, San Franscico

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