My clients are smart, ambitious, health-conscious, resourceful and creative. They are busy people whose full lives don’t always allow them to effectively prioritize their own health and wellbeing.

My specialty is helping them listen and respond to the messages their bodies are sending them with curiosity and respect so that they can uncover what true nourishment means for them. I give them the tools and knowledge they need to keep their health in balance for a lifetime.

The concerns I most commonly see are:
• weight
• specific health concerns (like celiac, IBD/IBS, food allergies, auto-immune conditions, diabetes, HTN, heart disease and metabolic syndrome)
• stress-management
• low or inconsistent energy levels
• emotional eating
• sugar addiction
• curiosity about cooking and eating whole/healthy foods
• general desire to "be healthier, happier and more fulfilled"

I focus on keeping my recommendations simple, fun and effective, and on supporting my clients in making small changes over time (that add up to big, lasting results!)